Mewanambin Media - His Holiness Phalgunanda Lingden's short Biography

Name :- Nardhoj Lingden  (Astrological name)
  Phalam Sing Lingden ( Many of his brothers and sisters died so he was ornamented with iron bangles to avoid such bad omens ) Phalam (Nepali Word ) means Iron.
:Phalgunanda Lingden ( It was named by saint Shashidhar who was from Jasmani Sect )
Date of Birth : 1942 B.S. Kartik 25th Sunday ( ChukChinamba Ivang-7, Ilam Nepal )
Father : Jaganbaj Lingden
Mother : Hangsamati Lingden
Grand father : Managanja Lingden
Former grand father : Nirmalsing Lingden
Foremost grand father : Kumjite Lingden
Brother : Phalgunanda was the third son who remained bachelor forever.
  Rajwanta was the eldest brother.
  Aangsuwanta was the second eldest brother.
  Youngest one's name is unknown as he died in infant.
Zodiac Sing : Aquarius
Family status : very poor/ ordinary traditional farming family
Caring : Brought up with goat milk as the mother's breast was wounded soon after his birth . His mother passed away after some years so he was brought up by his step-mother . Due to poor economic condition his parents migrated to Jitpur so he lived with his uncle but later he lived alone for  vegetarian meal .
Set off abroad : He went to Nathung Dhawa ( Border of India and Tibet ) with his friends to work as a labor ( in 1960 B.S.)
  He went to visit his eldest and second eldest brother kin 1964 B.S. but he was compelled to be recruited in army-service. ( India ) Passed years in 7 Gurkha Rifles Battalion.
Social service : Prepared 'Satya Dharma Muchulka' on ten points (True virtuous Bond Letter) in 1988 B.S.
(Baisakh 24th) at Chokmagu Labre from the assembly of the Kirat representatives of all Satrathum; Dash Limbuwan . ( Limbuwan states ).  It is known and accepted as his greatest social and cultural revolution. He will remain as the most respected as a social pioneer till the Kirati society exists.
Religious service : Preached the Kirat religion as the profounder of Kirat religion and philosophy from his birthplace Chukchinamba to Assam ( India), Bhutan . Built Chukchinamba Manghim (Temple) in 1986 B.S., Nambhunniyak, Satrathum Manghim, Kabeli Manghim, Phaktanglung Manghim respectively. Started pilgrimage to Phaktanglung since 1993 B.S.
Except these, there are still proofs of stopping landslide making rainfall and spring of water as miracle works.
Death : 2005 B.S. Chaitra 22nd Monday
Cremation : On 25th Chitra 2005 B.S.
Near Silauti Manghim at Dhwoje Danda (Danra).
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